We help CEOs and other senior leaders ideate, write, and place bylined articles in major publications.

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Recent Placements for Our Clients

Track Record of 250+ Byline Placements

We know how to do these types of placements because over the past 8 years, we’ve done it hundreds and hundreds of times. Experience matters — results matter even more.


Christel Grizaut

SVP of Marketing, YOOBIC

These guys know how to identify a news cycle, spot the trend, and help me shape my POV into a polished piece that gets placed. 

Randy Wootton

CEO, Maxio

A published byline in a top-tier media outlet simply can’t be topped in the world of thought leadership. 

Ofir Tahor

CEO, Justt

The cumulative effect of publishing 10-12 bylines over the course of a year really makes an impact on our business.

BylineBuddy Solution

We monitor the news 24/7 to identify trends and topics relevant to our clients.

Client receives the opportunity alert, selects a topic and schedules the intake interview.

"POV" Interview taken, our newsroom drafts the byline, and turns it around in 48 hours.

Client approves the byline and the placement team goes to work.

Article goes live, client receives notification

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Our Team

David B. Wamsley

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Ran Xu

Chief Strategy Officer

Neil Cohen

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Yoav Kutner


BylineBuddy Newsroom Team

Alasdair Lane

Alasdair has written extensively for Fortune. He is a writer who has a keen eye for story-telling. This talent enables him to create narratives that successfully capture someone’s point of view. Alasdair’s work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, NBC, and Fortune.

Joshua Kendall

Joshua is a seasoned writer, who has published extensively for some of the top media outlets. His work can be found in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Charles McDremid

A former reporter and editor at The New York Times, Charles knows his way around newsrooms, from Hong Kong to Manhattan. His two decades of experience offer a wide array of insights in the world of op-eds.

Zachariah Chou

Zachariah has the unique distinction of having two pieces published in The New York Times while he was still an undergraduate at the University of Florida. His continued success includes articles in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian, and Forbes.

Ben Mack

A former reporter for Insider London, Ben has published in Vogue Australia, The Guardian, and various airline magazines including Qantas and Emirates. He has also written a number of business books for clients.

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